How to post a job?

Select the Post job button on the Jobs page

Input the job details or select a Job template to pre-fill job setup fields

  • Job title

  • Department

  • Category

  • Employment type 

To display a job's compensation information click the Enable button

Select the currency, compensation type, range and commission (if applicable)

Next use the rich-text editor to edit the job description.

Select an existing hiring location or add a new location by clicking the +Add location button

If the position is remote, select  Remote as the job location.

Input the location's name, street address, city, state, zip code and country the click the Create button

Hover over a location to Edit the location or Remove it from the hiring locations list

Keep team members in loop with email notifications about new candidates by adding them as members of the hiring team.  Add new team members by clicking the +Add team member button in the bottom right corner.

Growth or Premium account plan users can customize the application form at the bottom of job setup.  For more information about customizing the application form click here

Last but not least, click the Save button at the bottom and your job will get published to your career portal page.

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