Identifying the best-fit candidate within your talent pool starts with asking the right questions. Use ShopHire’s Questionnaires to ask custom questions to your candidates after they apply for a role.

Question types:

  • Boolean (Y/N)
  • Multiple Choice
  • References
  • Video Response

Questionnaires is available to ShopHire customers on Growth, Business and Premium account plans.

Go to the Settings page and scroll down to the Questionnaires templates section.

Click Manage then click the  Create questionnaire button.
Enter the name of the questionnaire then click the Add question button.

Select the Knockout question checkbox to designate knockout questions on questionnaires.  If a candidate answers a knockout question incorrectly, they score a 0% on the questionnaire.
Click the Red X to change that response to the correct answer (indicated by green checkmark)

Once you've added your questions, click the Save button.  You can view your new questionnaire by selecting  Preview from the More actions dropdown.
To add a questionnaire to an open role click Edit job then scroll to the bottom and select the questionnaire you'd like to add to the job.

After a candidate applies to an open role with a questionnaire, they will receive a different confirmation email template containing a link to the survey.
Clicking the Open survey link opens the questionnaire in the candidate's browser
Completed questionnaires will be displayed on the Questionnaire tab on the candidate details page.

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