Using Shopify Flow with ShopHire

Using Shopify Flow with ShopHire

Set up Shopify Flow and learn how the app works with ShopHire to add automation to your hiring process.

Want to integrate ShopHire with Slack, Asana, Trello, Google Sheets and more to streamline your hiring efforts? 

With Flow, you can set up automated tasks to minimize manual processes and receive data and implement tasks without requiring too much input from your side. With this automation app, you can save time spent usually forwarding emails and copying & pasting candidate data into other tools. 

Once you set up Flow, you can leave it to the app to automatically manage functions and tasks by capturing activity in ShopHire and triggering tasks based on the conditions that you have specified. 

Shopify has a comprehensive guide on using Shopify Flow that gives you a detailed understanding of this feature.

What can you do with Flow and ShopHire?

  • Send Slack messages when you receive a new candidate
  • Create tasks in Trello and Asana for team members to review

Get started with Shopify Flow

Step 1: Installation

Install Shopify Flow and ShopHire.

To maximize this feature, we recommend that you install other apps to make the most of Shopify Flow. These include Slack, Google Sheets, Asana and Trello, to name a few.

Step 2: Setting up a workflow

1. Click on Shopify Flow under ‘Apps’ to get started.

2. Click on ‘Create Workflow’

3. Select ‘Add Trigger’ and click on the trigger you want to use. 

New Candidate: Get notified when a new candidate submits a job application 

Job Opened: Get notified when a job is opened

Job Closed: Get notified when a job is closed

To get a Slack notification when a new candidate applies select the 'Send Slack message' action.

Enter the channel, username or member ID.

Then enter the message you would like to send the channel using Template variables then click Save.

Example Message Template:

You got a new applicant for {{trigger.jobtitle}}
Name: {{trigger.candidatefirstname}} {{trigger.candidatelastname}}
Candidate Email: {{trigger.candidateemail}}
Phone Number: {{trigger.candidatephone}}
View Resume: {{trigger.resumeurl}}
Cover Letter: {{trigger.coverletter}}

Candidate ID: {{trigger.candidateid}}
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