Career Portal Overview

How to customize your careers page?

Select Career Portal in the app navigation bar to visit the Career Portal Setup page

ShopHire users can customize their careers page by adding sections or adjusting the style of each section. The career portal setup page lists the name of each section, the section's status (active or inactive) and an edit button.  

  • Hero 
  • Intro paragraph
  • Diversity statement
  • Employee testimonials
  • Departments
  • Perks & benefits
  • Job listings
  • Job alert section sign up
  • Job description page
  • Post apply page

Click the Publish option in the Edit button dropdown to add a section to your careers page 

Or click the Unpublish option in the Edit button dropdown to remove a section from your careers page

To edit the content and appearance of the career portal section click the Edit button.  Once in the section's setup page, you will see the following field sets depending on the characteristics of that section.


Users can modify the text, upload images and more using the Content fields.


Users can adjust the alignment and spacing of a sections content using the Layout controls.


Users can adjust the font size, weight and colors of the sections elements to match their store's theme.


Users can preview how their changes will look on their store by clicking the Preview button in the top right hand corner.

The preview modal displays how the section will look with the changes to the content and appearance sections.  Due to limitations within the Shopify platform, the preview modal will not render your theme's font style.

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